Assoc. Prof. Malinka Spasova Ivanova, PhD

Assoc. Prof. Malinka Spasova Ivanova


ResearchGate Profile:


Communication and Computer Techniques

Taught courses:

  • Applied Informatics
  • Information Security
  • Cryptography
  • Information Society and private data protection


Research topics and competences:

  • Web security
  • Information security
  • Machine Learning Applications
  • eLearning


Scientific projects:

  • Modeling and Research of Intelligent Educational Systems and Sensor Networks (ISOSeM), Bulgarian National Science Fund, КП-06-Н47/4;
  • Exploration the application of statistics and machine learning in electronics, Bulgarian National Science Fund, КП-06-Н42/1;
  • An adaptive trust based e-assessment system for learning 688520 – TESLA – H2020-ICT-2015 (;

European Innovation and Inclusion through Open Education: an interdisciplinary approach – 575370-EPP-1-2016-1-RO-EPPJMO-MODULE, Erasmus+, Jean Monnet Modules, 2016.

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