Scientific Organizer: Alexey Nikolov (Bulgaria)


fax: +359 2 9653379

Mathematics in Engineering

and Economics Conference (AMEE)

The 45-th Conference Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics (AMEE’19) will be held June at the ancient town of Sozopol, Bulgaria. The main goal of this series of conferences is to bring together experts and young talented scientists from Bulgaria and abroad to discuss the modern trends and to ensure exchange of views in various applications of mathematics in engineering, physics, economics, biology, etc. The peer-reviewed proceedings of AMEE’19 were published in American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings. The Organizing Committee encourages the taking part of students and postgraduates and intends to organize a separate youth session. The invited lecturers are supposed to organize special sessions. The Organizing Committee stimulates a special discussion concerning the development and use of software innovations in the scientific computing and the student training in this area. More information:


CHAIRPERSON: George Venkov CHAIRPERSON: Vesela Pasheva (Bulgaria)
Ivan Kralov VICE-CHAIR: Nedyu Popivanov (Bulgaria)
Jordanka Paneva Igor Ananievski (Russia)
Krasimira Prodanova Lubomir Dechevsky (Norway)
Mariana Durcheva Vladimir Georgiev (Italy)
Virginia Kiryakova (Bulgaria)
Michail Konstantinov (Bulgaria)
Ralitza Kovacheva (Bulgaria)
Alexander Ovseevich (Russia)
Alexander Soldatov (Russia)
Tynysbek Kalmenov (Kazakhstan)

33nd International Conference on Information Technologies
(IEEE Conference)

19-20 September 2019

St. St. Constantine and Elena resort BULGARIA

The deadline for submission (full paper) is 30 April 2019.

InfoTech is an international forum for scientists, researchers, industrial experts to share innovations, experience and new research results in the fields of Information Technologies and Information Security; Technologies for System Design and Intelligent Systems; Technological Aspects of e-Governance and Data Protection, etc. The forum is a successor of International Conference on Systems for Automation of Engineering and Research (SAER), established in 1987 and International Workshop on e-Governance and Data Protection (EG&DP), established in 2005.

IEEE Conference InfoTech-2019 is an event of:

  • Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics of TU-Sofia (Department of Informatics)
  • College of Energy and Electronics at TU-Sofia (Department of Electronics, Computer Systems and Technologies)
Conference History

The forum started as a National Scientific School for Young Specialists (1987) in the areas of computing, computer systems and technology, automation and program applications. During the period 1988 – 1990 the Conference was connected with the beautiful north Black Sea resort Albena. Over 80 persons (young scientists, PhD-students, IT specialists, etc.) took part in these issues of the Conference.

Since 1991 the School-format is transformed into International Conference SAER and English was introduced as a work language for all printed materials. The period after 2005 is characterized by uniting a new event – International Workshop EG&DP. Two separated Proceedings including over 60 reports in English are published and disseminated in over 20 libraries in the World. Electronic versions of these Proceedings (issues after 2003) are assigned to two databases of EBSCO Publishing (USA).

Since 2007 starts the new format of the forum – International Conference on Information Technologies (InfoTech). The main goal is to unite the scientific areas of the SAER Conference and information and communication problems of the EG&DP Workshop. The working language for all printed materials, report presentations and discussions is English. Proceedings are spread over 20 libraries in the World.

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