Applied Mathematics and Informatics

The specialty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree ( accredited by NEAA ), provides training in applied mathematics with opportunities for a wide range of activities : computer technology, banking and insurance activities, company management, optimization and management of transport, energetics and communications.

There is an excellent opportunity for our students to participate in Erasmus exchange training programs in different European universities in Germany, Denmark, UK, France, Italy, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain and others. Currently we are also planning to enrich the international contacts of our students through trainee practices in European companies. With reference to that, proficiency in English, German and French is an important requirement for students’ participation.

The specialty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics estimated as one of the top 5 according to the ranking system for universities, provides the highest average income for its graduates in the country .

Graduates in Applied Mathematics and Informatics become specialists in :

  • information and computer technology;
  • natural sciences and engineering ;
  • economic and administrative activities.
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