Assoc. Prof. Bogdan Nikolov Gilev

Assoc. Prof. PhD Bogdan Nikolov Gilev

Department: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Methods

Office: 2566
Tel: +(3592) 965-3497

ResearchGate Profile:
Web of Science ResearcherID: J-5067-2018
Scopus Author Identifier: 23034274300

Professional field: Mathematics
Scientific specialty: Mathematical Modeling and Control Theory

Taught courses:
Linear Algebra & Calculus & Differential Equations
Financial Mathematics
Probability & Statistics
Reliability & Queues Theory
Numerical Modeling with Order Differential Equations
Numerical Modeling with Neural Networks

Scientific research field and competences:

  1. Numerical Solving, Control and Optimal Design Nonlinear Technical Problems:
    Modeling and Robust Control of Induction Heating (melting and annealing)
    Modeling and Control of a Wind Turbine (tower vibrations damping)
    Modeling and Control in Mechanics (vibration damping)
    Modeling, Control (including with artificial intelligent) and Optimal Design in Power Electronics (converters, rectifier and many others)
  2. Software Innovations in the Higher Mathematics Education (MATLAB, Maple)
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